Textured Trim Boards

Western Red Cedar trim boards come in three surface finishes: rough; surfaced one side, two edges (S1S2E); or surfaced four sides (S4S).

  1. Rough Boards have a rough sawn texture from either circular or band saws is present on all four sides.
  2. Surfaced One Side, Two Edges (S1S2E) is a versatile product that is the most popular choice for trim boards. The surfacing process resulting in a rough sawn face and a smooth back that provides uniform width and thickness tolerances. Typically graded from the rough face, but it may also be reversible to the smooth back.
  3. Surfaced Four Sides (S4S or PAR, D4S) has a smooth surface on all four sides and is a uniformly sized product with a quality appearance. This surface finish is most commonly found on Clear grades.
  • #3&Btr Common S1S2E 7/8″ KD WRC (1×4 – 1×12)
  • Std&Btr NPS S1S2E 3/4″ Green WRC (1×4 – 1×12)
  • STK 10/15% Quality S1S2E 23/32″ KD WRC (1×4-1×12)

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